Platelet Rich Plasma Injection: All You Need to Know

The platelet rich plasma injection has become popular among the people. It is the proof of how medical science has come a long way. The injection is popular among the people who are associated with sports; as, it helps to recover injury. Nowadays, doctors use this injection to promote hair growth and tissue healing. So, you need to learn about few facts about platelet rich plasma injection.

What are the facts that you need to know?

  • It is largely used for reducing inflammation and helps in healing
  • The patient undergoing the therapy, must give blood sample to doctor
  • There is a little side effect like dizziness and nausea after the treatment

What is the idea about plasma?

The plasma is the liquid component of the blood. The plasma is made of water apart from protein. The plasma contains red and white blood corpuscles, and platelets.

How does the injection work?

The platelets are the components of blood and platelets pay a vital role in the body. The platelets are responsible for blood clotting that helps to stop excessive bleeding. The platelets contain protein and that heals the wound of the body. The doctors inject the platelet at the area of inflammation to repair the tissue damage. The injection usually has high concentration of platelets that heal a wound.

Before injecting doctor take sample of blood from the patient’s body. Then the blood same is put in centrifuge and spun at a high speed. Due to that rapid spin, the platelets are separated, and the doctor takes the platelets and injected it back to the patient’s body. Due to the higher concentration of platelets that is not present in the untreated blood so the injection can heal the wound easily.

When it comes to the injection, 30 minutes time is required to be injected in the patient’s body. However, the area of the injection also plays a significant role. After the platelets are injected in the wounded area, they break down and induce the growth factor. The compounds of the platelets help in renewing the cell repair and that easily trigger healing process of the area. The injection is given once the wounded area is numb.

What are the benefits of platelet rich plasma injections?

Hair growth

The injection helps to stop hair loss and regenerate the growth on the scalp. It basically reduces the inflammation to increase hair growth.

Healing the tissues

The platelet rich plasma injection is used to heal the plastic surgeries. It helps to repair the tissues of tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc. When it comes to ligament, it takes time to heal and platelet rich plasma injection expedites the process of healing.

Reducing inflammation

Inflammation may be caused by osteoarthritis and this is the reason doctors try to heal the patient through the injection. The inflammation turns into painful for joints and this is the doctors take the step.

What are the side effects?

If the platelets are taken from the patient’s body itself, then there is no side effect. The patient can go back to normal life right after taking the injection.