Finding the Right Lightweight Wheelchair

lightweight wheelchair on the beach

Freedom of Mobility With A Wheelchair

If you ever have lifted a wheelchair, then you would know that these are pretty heavy. Of course, lifting the chair would be extremely difficult for a single person when a patient is using it. What if you are home alone and you need to take the chair downstairs? You would not be able to do this. Thus, it is always better to get a lightweight wheelchair that is easy to carry and could be taken here and there with no hassle. 

There is no ideal wheelchair in the market, but yes, there are some better options available. The ideal wheel that most people talk about for any wheelchair to have is around 35 lb. The overall cost of the chair should be within $300. The article will discuss some options for lightweight wheelchairs for you to look for before making the final purchase.

The Feather Wheelchair:

As the name indicates, this chair is pretty light in weight and the most commonly used and demanded wheelchair for all. The total weight of the chair is somewhat 13lb. The chair also offers good storage when the rare wheels are lifted, and the rest of the chair is folded back. The chair is also available in a different colour scheme with different cushions overlapping and many seats. You also have the option of changing the seat colours whenever you desire. This chair is in higher demand in the market, owing to its lightweight. The lightweight doesn’t compromise the chair’s strength because it is made in pure aluminium and the latest technology. 

The XL Feather Chair, Which Is Heavy-Duty:

The chair ranks second in the category of yet another lightweight wheelchair. It is around 350lb in weight, with a width of the seat of 22 inches. Mainly normal wider seats are pretty heavy, and it becomes difficult to hold those chairs. But this one comes with 19lb weight only and is super lightweight. The chair wheels can be pulled up, thus making good storage space for carrying things along. Patients can take this chair anywhere along, and it can be good for home use as well. 

The Best Ergonomics, Lightweight Chair:

With a 25lb weight, this category isn’t the lightest but considered lighter when compared with others available in the market. The back as well as the seat of this wheelchair is ergonomic and best suited for the body. Since the neck and back muscles are weak with time, thus this chair is said to provide the required support to these sensitive body parts. The rare seat of this wheelchair is somehow a bit tilted down. This specific feature is good to hold the person to their position and never let them fall. This is yet another plus point of this chair. 

You can check the exact requirement of the wheelchair considering the medical condition of your patient. Besides that, it is good to check the routine and usage of the chair before selecting the one from the market. Make sure you for your homework first and look for a suitable vendor for a lightweight wheelchair in Singapore.