Total Cost of ACL Tear Surgery in Singapore

ACL means Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Ligament is said to be a rope like structure of the bone and the key ligament of the knee. The position of ACL is in the middle and it acts as a bridge between shin bone and thigh bone. ACL restricts the movement of the shin bone so it doesn’t rotate and go forwards unnecessarily. In case of any damage or injury to ACL, there is a probability of change or disruption in the movement of the knee especially in case of sudden change in position. Such movements are crucial for athletes in martial art, basketball or rugby.

Choosing The Right Hospital

Since the injury to ACL is pretty common and all across the globe including Singapore, there are number of centres, hospital and clinics which offer surgery and recovery operations. However, for the surgery, doctor has to be expert and skill in his/her field so any recurrent could be avoided. Singapore, in this regard is lucky because there are number of skilled doctors and hospitals available who are good in performing reconstruction surgery. All across the Asia, Singapore is considered to be among the few countries providing best health services. So, if you are presently in Singapore, then consider this chance and get ACL Tear surgery with constant development and technology present in their health care providers.

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Money Matters

Since the living standards of people in Singapore is much higher and the country is considered to be pretty rich with advanced technology in health care industry. The environment of the country is very friendly and people has good sense of living, but Singapore is said to be pretty expensive when comes the health care facilities. Total cost involved for ACL surgery in Singapore falls somewhere between 10,000 to 15,000 dollars. If the rate is compared with what other nations are costing, this is very high. As far as technological advancement is considered and success rate of the surgery is measured, then Singapore is better than many other nations. Though, total cost is too much but end results are also good. So if you want to have a good living and money is not a problem, then you should opt to Singapore for getting this surgery done.

Cost structure of surgery in Singapore

You may need to visit different hospitals in Singapore to see which hospital to choose for the purpose of surgery. It all depends upon the size of the clinic and the services they are offering. Some clinics are working in Singapore which are offering competitive rates, around 6,000 dollars.

There are certain government hospitals which offer subsidy to patients as well. The individual has to pay only $1000 after getting subsidy of $3,950. Whereas, in private hospitals, the overall cost is $17000 to $21000. Some private hospitals also offer other features like asking for no discharge or admission fee. The overall cost pattern depends solely on the cost of materials, bed class, total length of stay as well as implants. The fee of the surgeon also varies from $8560 to $13000. The cost offered by public hospitals is comparatively low but one need to wait probably for few months for surgery.